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What does it cost

All parents receive a monthly invoice. For most parents, a part or parts of these costs will be refunded. To be eligible, you have to be employed or receive a payment from the Implementing Body Employee Insurance Scheme (Uitvoeringsorgaan Werknemersverzekeringen, UWV) or the municipality. The childcare allowance depends on your level of income; the higher your income, the lower the allowance you will receive. The calculation examples below give you a good idea of what childcare will cost you at 2Samen. It is also possible to make an appointment at our headoffice or at one of our childcare centres to have a calculation made.

Childcare allowance

Are you eligible for an allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration?
You can apply for childcare allowance by visiting, or via the Tax and Customs Administration helpline: 0800–0543.

Rates playgroups 2017

Rate per month for:
1 day a week                 €   71,01 
2 days a week               € 142,02    
3 days a week               € 213,03 
4 days a week               € 284,04     
5 days a week               € 355,05 

Rates daycare 2017 (full package)

Rate per hour:
€ 7,41 per hour
€ 7,18 per hour for 4/5 days a week

As you can see, you receive a discount when you apply for 4 or 5 days daycare a week.  

Rates after-of-school care 2017 (full package)

Rate per hour:
€ 7,13 per hour

For an overview of our fees for all types of childcare, click at the bottom of this page.