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Practical information

• You can apply for childcare allowance by visiting, or via the Tax and Customs Administration helpline: 0800–0543.

• Apply in time, do not wait too long! The government will only provide childcare allowance when the application has been submitted three months after the beginning of the childcare at most. If you apply later, you will forfeit the right to the allowance for the previous months! However, in 2014 you can still and at any time submit details of alterations in your family circumstances or number of used care-hours, with retroactive effect, to the Tax and Customs Administration.

• The childcare allowance is linked to the number of hours you are working. The basic principle for this calculation is the number of hours worked by the parent who works the least.
For day care, parents are entitled to childcare allowance for 140 % maximum of the number of hours worked, for the out-of-school care this is 70 %. Illnesses, training and holidays are also regarded as hours worked. In addition to these rules, parents can only receive childcare allowance for 230 care-hours at a maximum, per calendar month per child. In case of unemployment, a term of three months will be applied during which the parents will retain their right to receive childcare allowance.

• Parents are only eligible for an allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration if their child/children is/are being cared for by a registered childcare centre or a host family bureau. As a client of 2Samen, you do not need to worry: all our children’s centres are registered. You can view the register at

• A small childcare contract with less care-hours, might seem financially attractive at first sight, but this definitely is not the case for everyone. Click here for a complete childcare allowance table, with attached the gross / net calculations for each income bracket. If you cannot work it out, feel free to call us; we will be pleased to help you!

With 2Samen you do not need to pay everything first in advance...

Have your allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration transferred directly to us and we will deduct this amount from your monthly invoice.

Fill in the bank account number of 2Samen (IBAN NL37 RABO on your application form from the Tax and Customs Administration, under the question into which account you wish to receive the allowance. After approximately 4 weeks, you will receive a decision from the Tax and Customs Administration mentioning your monthly allowance. This is the amount which we will subsequently deduct from your monthly invoice, after we have received this amount from the Tax and Customs Administration