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How we work

Besides the external quality requirements, the educational policy forms the primary principal for the procedure at all our childcare centres. This policy forms a sound foundation to guide and focus the approach of the educational staff members.
Based on our educational policy, each centre makes its own work plan, in which the general objectives of the policy are ‘translated’ to the everyday work in the group. Thus, each and every day we strive to offer childcare on an educationally reliable basis, which is also attractive and challenging for the children.

Our educational policy, a summary

In our daily practice, the child forms centre stage. Every child is unique and has its own special qualities. We think it is very important to respect everyone’s individuality. We value every child as it is. Only then, it can feel at home with us. We respond to what the children indicate or contribute themselves. This might concern specific ideas for games or activities, but also less obvious signals. Listening to and observing each child; that is what it is all about.

The educational policy is based on five educational objectives:
   • providing security and trust
   • providing challenges and the opportunity to develop
   • encouraging personal competences
   • encouraging social competences
   • helping the children to become familiar with values, principles and culture

Would you like to know more about our educational policy? Click here to download the brochure. Here you can also download other information, such as an information booklet about the ins and outs of all our centres, a complaint leaflet, a leaflet about parents' committees, and the house rules brochure. 

Fixed holiday weeks, because continuation is of major importance

At the 2Samen childcare centres you are welcome for all types of flexible care. We offer care packages of 49 weeks, 46 weeks and, in the out-of-school care, even for 40 weeks care per year. By making smart combinations, in the out-of-school care every desired package between 40 and 52 weeks of care is possible.

To provide a convenient arrangement for both parents and staff members, we have determined the holiday weeks for the smaller care package. The reasons to do this are simple. Continuation is of major importance for children, and therefore we strive to have them see the same familiar faces, as much as possible. When the holiday weeks are fixed, we are able to manage this much better, as we can schedule our staff members well in advance. Moreover, we feel that our educational staff members should spend their day time with the children, and not with keeping lists up to date. When the children are brought or picked up, we also prefer to talk with you about your child’s experiences during the day, instead of the possible postponing – sometimes more than once – of your holiday weeks. In the past years, leaving open the weeks without childcare has proved to be confusing for all parties, and to lead to far too much administrative work. Since we aim for the highest level of quality, the loss of quality as a result of this is something we wish to avoid.

When determining the weeks without childcare, we have used the most common schedule that families use to actually plan their holidays.

If you want maximum of flexibility, we would advise you to use the 52 weeks or the relatively more expensive 40 weeks package in combination with separate holiday care. Parents who are willing to arrange their holiday dates beforehand and choose the 49 or 46 weeks package, will actually be rewarded with a lower monthly invoice and a relatively favourable hourly rate.

Healthy food

Healthy nutrition contributes to a good development of your child. That’s why we make sure that a healthy and varied menu is offered every day, which is composed in consultation with the Dutch nutrition centre and an external dietician. Read more...