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Client’s council

We like to have satisfied clients. Therefore we keep on working to improve our services. Listening to your opinions and advice are for us much more than just a statutory obligation. Because, more than anyone else, you know what is important for your child. 

As a parent, it is always possible to consult with the staff members of your child’s group about the care of your child and your specific wishes. It is also possible to contact (or come and participate) in our Parents' committee or Client’s council.

Parents' committee 

Every 2Samen location has its own Parents' committee. Members join us in thinking about the policy and activities at your child’s childcare centre. In doing so, they represent the other parents as well and will be provided access to the information about the (central) Client’s council. 

What sorts of subjects are discussed by the Parents' committee? 
The Parents' committee meets about six times a year. During these meetings they share everything they have noticed or heard from other parents. So that we can effectively set to deal with this information. Committee members also support us during various events and activities, such as the annual summer party. 

Would you like to register to join? 
We are always in search of new members for our Parents' committees. Would you like more information or would you like to register to join? Please get in touch with the location supervisor. Please note that al communication in our parents’ committee will be in Dutch.

Client’s council

Members of the Client’s council keep in close contact with the management of 2Samen about subjects that are of importance for the whole organization. Thus, parents have a say in almost all facets of our services. 

What sorts of subjects are discussed by the Client’s council? 
The Client’s council meets four times a year, together with the management of 2Samen. Members can, for instance, give advice about the rates, our new policy plans and the operational management of 2Samen. The Client’s council gives advice on behalf of the Parents' committees of the various locations. 

To register to join 
If you have a question for the Client’s council please send an email to You can also submit your question or registration to the unit manager of your location. If you want to present yourself for participation, please send an e-mail to the above address as well.

Please note: that all communication in our Parents’ committee and Client’s council will be in Dutch.