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Every day, our educational staff members go to great length to make it a succesful day for every child. At the childcare centre, but also outside. Frequently we organize trips in the neighbourhood, such as to the playground, the library, the children's farm, or we go to a theatre performance. In addition, we participate in national themes, such as the 'Nationale voorleesontbijt' (National Reading Breakfast). On that day, we organize reading breakfasts with famous Dutch people. As our client, 'our' parents are also more than welcome to attend those breakfasts.

For children attending out-of-school care, the KICKS department organises a challenging and varied range of activities. Children can attend workshops in the fields of Sports, Games, Art, Culture, Drama, Theatre, Media, Nature, Science etc. These workshops are given bij both their own teachers and hired teachers. Regularly, the children give presentations of these activities.

For an impression of the activities that are given in our childcare centres, click here (in Dutch!).